Our Mission – A Stronger Black Community.

Exhausted by negative talk regarding the African American community Jack Standokes watched video clips of police brutality and read tons of hateful comments on social media. Hearing claims over and over again that his community doesn’t support one another; “they only kill each other.”  Standokes felt compelled to do something; Instead of grabbing a protest sign, the 38-year-old decided to start a network, one that connected businesses within the black community.

Police brutality and hateful comments inspired Standokes in bringing the African American community together in support of one another and circulate the “African American” dollar within the community.  Standokes notes that a dollar spent within the African American community merely circulates briefly; compared with the white community, where it circulates for 18 days, or 10 days within Hispanic communities. Jack wanted to offer the support that the community desperately needed, one which builds bridges between black-owned business and consumers. The network is called, the Black Owned Business Portal