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Since 2016, BlackOBP has been encouraging leading entrepreneurs as they commit to making lives better through innovation, hard work and grit. Moving into 2018, we recognize our pursuit of positive growth by uniting as a global community and celebrating as one #BLACKOBP.

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As BlackOBP’s founder, BlackOBP represents a shared universal bond  which fuels our innate understanding that every BlackOBP member—all entrepreneurs, business owners, professional, individual contributors and businesses large and small; are connected by the lynchpins of sharing, growth and giving back.

Within BlackOBP, we are one people, tied by a unique history and belief that anything is possible at the intersection of passion, desire and purpose. We will continue to reconstructor our growing businesses, our thirst for learning and endeavoring innovation at all costs. We are strong. We are focused. We are #BlackOBP.