Mary J. Blige Opens Her Concerts With Headlines of Kendu’s $129K Alimony Ask

Mary J. Blige Opens Her Concerts With Headlines of Kendu’s $129K Alimony Ask

And now her soon-to-be ex-husband is saying that she is out to “destroy his reputation.”

Mary J. Blige performs onstage at The Shrine Auditorium on November 18, 2014, in Los Angeles.
Mary J. Blige performs onstage at The Shrine Auditorium on November 18, 2014, in Los Angeles.FREDERICK M. BROWN/GETTY IMAGES

In more Kendu be buggin news …

It appears that on her current “King and Queen of Hearts” tour with R&B crooner Maxwell, singer Mary J. Blige is opening her shows with photos of tabloid headlines from her divorce drama.

Her estranged ex, Kendu Isaacs, says that such public displays are a “campaign to destroy” his reputation, “shame” him, and financially suffocate him” in his quest to get more than $129,000 per month from Blige in alimony.

According to court docs obtained by the Daily Mail, Isaacs says Blige “opens her show by displaying various images of tabloids pertaining to this dissolution in an attempt to paint herself as the victim and Mr. Isaacs as the villain.” And they’ve got video from the concerts to prove it.

Blige, who filed for divorce in July, recently asked the court to delay their December spousal support hearing to February so she and her lawyer can be in attendance.

Isaacs claims that if the hearing isn’t held in December, he will run out of money because he has been fired as Blige’s personal manager. He notes that his checking account is currently overdrawn, with a negative balance of $13,104.

Incredibly, even though he admits to making only $46,204 a month as her manager, Isaacs is requesting that MJB pay $129,319 out of the $161,434 he says he spends every month. This includes an $8,000 private chef and $3,200 personal trainer; $5,000 he pays his parents each month; $71,000 in rent he owes to several properties; $5,000 a month in support for his two children; $2,500 on auto expenses and transportation; $5,708 in maintenance and repair on his properties; $5,732 on groceries; $21,677 in charitable donations and $10,000 he spends on entertainment, gifts and vacations.

Since August, Blige has given Isaacs a total of $135,000.

Two days before their December 2003 wedding, Isaacs signed a prenuptial agreement, but is now claiming that it’s invalid because he did not have a lawyer present.

New Evidence Suggests . . . Kim Kardashian And Her Mother ‘STAGED’ The Robbery . . . Just Like RYAN LOCHTE!! (Here Are The FACTS) #KimRobbery

New Evidence Suggests . . . Kim Kardashian And Her Mother ‘STAGED’ The Robbery . . . Just Like RYAN LOCHTE!! (Here Are The FACTS) #KimRobbery

: Kim Kardashian may have staged the robbery – all for publicity, according to multiple new reports.

A lot of the “evidence” that is being provided by the Kardashian camp and by the French authorities is just not making sense. An according to people on social media, who are digesting the facts that have been disclosed, it is starting to look like Kim may have STAGED THE ENTIRE ROBBERY.

Here are some of the discrepancies:

1- The jewelry box. Kim Kardashain was “robbed” of $11 million in jewelry that was in a jewelry box, not in a locked safe. Who leaves $11M in jewelry out in the open?
2- Kim not harmed? According to Kim’s publicist, five masked men with GUNS tied her up in her home. They claim that not one of them did ANYTHING inappropriate. Kim is either VERY lucky . . .
3- Kim immediately left the country after the incident. Within three hours after the incident, Kim was on a plane OUT OF FRANCE. You would think that police wanted her to stay, so that they can talk to her about leads. This is a major crime (an $11M home invasion), you would think that the police would insist on her remaining.
4- Kim’s security guard was conveniently not with her when the alleged robbery took place. She paid to fly dude out to Paris with her – but he was not in her home when the burglars arrived.
5- Kim’s kids were miraculously not with her. According to reports, Kim’s children North and Saint, were with her in Paris – just in a different home. How convenient.
6- Ratings of the Kardashian shows are at an ALL TIME LOW. Rob And Chyna, which was supposed to be the SAVIOR of the Kardashian franchise is losing viewers. This convenient robbery is likely to increase the public’s interest in the family.

We’re not yet ready to say with 100% certainty that Kim FAKED THE ROBBERY, but it’s really starting to look that way.

LeBron James Endorses Hillary Clinton Because Who Else Was He Going to Endorse? Willie Wilson?

LeBron James Endorses Hillary Clinton Because Who Else Was He Going to Endorse? Willie Wilson?

Despite rumors (there have been no rumors) that the three-time NBA champion and four-time NBA MVP was considering taking his vote elsewhere, James made it official Sunday that he would be voting for the Democratic presidential nominee.

LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2014
LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2014JASON MILLER/GETTY IMAGES

Everyone can settle down now and stop the speculative theories that the three-time NBA champion and four-time NBA MVP LeBron James was thinking about going another route with his vote for president.

On Sunday, the Cleveland Cavaliers star forward made it official, with an op-ed posted by Business Insider, that he will be voting for Hillary Clinton come Election Day.

James wrote that he expects Clinton to “build on the legacy of my good friend, President Barack Obama. I believe in what President Obama has done for our country and support her commitment to continuing that legacy.”

James, a native of Akron, Ohio, and the biggest basketball player to date, endorsed Clinton a day before the Democratic presidential nominee headed to Ohio, and CNN noted that Clinton would make a stop in James’ hometown although James wouldn’t be there.

“There’s still a lot of work to be done in Akron, Northeast Ohio, and all across our great country,” James wrote. “We need a president who understands our community and will build on the legacy of President Obama. So let’s register to vote, show up to the polls and vote for Hillary Clinton.”

“Hillary has always been a champion for children and their futures,” James wrote. “For over 40 years, she’s been working to improve public schools, expand access to health care, support children’s hospitals, and so much more.”

Sorry Willie Wilson, it looks like James is voting for Clinton.

Read James’ op-ed here.

Read more at CNN.

Woman suffers ‘major injuries’ after accident involving Mike Trout

Woman suffers ‘major injuries’ after accident involving Mike Trout

Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout’s Mercedes plowed into a stopped car after a game Wednesday, a collision that left one person with significant injuries. Trout was uninjured in the three-car crash on the 55 freeway in Santa Ana., Calif., that occurred at 7:48 p.m. PT, according to information provided by the California Highway Patrol in a statement to USA TODAY Sports. The woman in a Chevrolet Sonic suffered “major injuries” and was transported to Orange County Global Medical Center in Tustin. A hospital spokesperson was unable to provide an update on the status of the woman injured.

“Mike Trout was involved in a car accident earlier tonight,” Angels general manager Billy Eppler said in a statement released by theclub. “I have spoken with Mike this evening and he feels fine. He is at home with his roommate and planning on traveling with the club to Seattle tomorrow afternoon. We will update as more information becomes available.” Trout was traveling southbound on the 55 when traffic ahead of him came to a stop due to an unrelated accident, according to the CHP. Trout’s car swerved and the right-front of his his car collided with the rear bumper of the Sonic.

The impact sent the compact car careening into a truck stopped ahead of it, before the Sonic came to a rest alongside a fence on the shoulder of
the roadway. Trout and the driver of the truck stopped to check on the well-being of the woman in the Chevrolet, according to the CHP. A video obtained by Fox 11 in Los Angeles shows Trout cooperating with a patrol officer; an expanded version of the video shows a young woman removed from her car by Orange County emergency personnel. Trout did not play in Los Angeles’ 3-0 win over the Cincinnati Reds.

The 2014 AL MVP Award winner is batting .319 with 25 homers and 21 stolen bases this season. Trout, 25, was the 2014 American League MVP and a three-time runner-up. He’s expected to challenge for the award again this season.

Kerry Washington’s new drama

Kerry Washington’s new drama

“Scandal” star Kerry Washington will step behind the camera for her next television project. The actress is set to executive produce her first series according to Variety.The drama “Patrol” will follow the lives of four female LAPD officers and marks the first weekly series to come out of Washington’s Simpson Street production company. ABC announced back in April that it had inked a two year development deal with one of its biggest stars.

“I believe strongly in the importance of having a seat at the table, which makes starting this production company thrilling for me,” Washington said at the time. “It’s an honor to be at a point in my career when I can help generate projects that that are exciting, necessary and truly reflect the world around us.” Simpson Street’s first project was HBO’s “Confirmation,” the story of the

Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas case which starred Washington as Hill. Even though “Scandal” has been pushed to back during the 2016-2017 due to her second pregnancy, the star is staying busy. Harper’s Bazaar reports that Washington has teamed up with a group of fashion designers –including Christian Louboutin — to design handbags in support of the victims of domestic violence. Allstate Foundation’s Purple Purse initiative will auction the limited edition bags in October.

Congressman John Lewis crowd surfs on ‘The Late Show

Congressman John Lewis crowd surfs on ‘The Late Show

Congressman John Lewis is a civil rights icon who isn’t afraid to get close to the people. We already knew this about him, but Lewis really showed it Wednesday when he ended his appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” by crowd surfing.

“You want to crowd surf?” Colbert asked, to which Lewis hopped up and danced his way over to the audience. The 76-year-old politician, well known for his activism in the civil rights movement, did a little practicing before being hoisted into the crowd and passed overhead from person to person.

The stunt closed out the show. Lewis was there to promote the third installment of his graphic novel “March,” a series about his remarkable place in history. He also discussed June’s sit-in to protest a lack of action on gun control, how he met Dr. Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, and NFL player Colin Kaepernick’s recent refusal to stand during the national anthem. “This young man, this football player, is acting according to the dictates of his conscience,” Lew