Membership Has Privileges.

The mission of the Black Business Portal Verified Business Platform, a subsidiary of the Black Business Portal provides a platform and avenue for Black Owned Businesses to gain visibility, expand  customer bases, gain brand recognition while building a sense of community among our businesses, consumers and the areas in which we serve.

The Black Business Portal serves as a strategic channel while connecting Black Business Owners.

An increasing number of members utilize the portal in identifying specific providers of products and services while heightening consumer awareness of issues black businesses experience. BlackOBP responds to these concerns by encouraging the legitimization, and growth of Black Owned Businesses, and the provision of quality customer service and networking. BlackOBP requires business verification with each vendor membership request. This opportunity aids consumers in identifying legitimate PORTAL businesses and provides black business owners with promotional and growth opportunities.

Black Business Portal Verified Business Platform Application is Trifold.

Applicants will submit a completed application packet, with supporting documentation and photographs of the business owner, product or service. Each photograph shall be in color and 300 DPI (resolution quality).  The application is reviewed by the Black Business Portal team of jurors, and once approved;  verified applicants are notified of their approval and applicant fee due date. There is a $20 application fee for each  business with a max of three (3) per member. BlackOBP’s business membership is $50 annually. Only those members paying full year memberships are provided this option.

Black VIP Vendor Membership opportunities are available for each verified business in good standing.

Our reach is global. Our membership is increasing rapidly along with the Black Business Portal Verified Business Platform. As we grow, our goal number one goal is providing an increasingly powerful and positive impact with our businesses and communities.

Memberships are annualized and membership fees non-refundable. Members paying monthly assess a $75 early-cancellation fee.

Restricted categories: alcohol, drugs, tobacco, firearms, piracy, stolen items and counterfeit goods. Limited categories: BlackBOP limits the marketing and selling of adult novelty & adult entertainment products. These categories are limited to adult audiences and must be tastefully presented.

BlackBOP Jury – Applying to the Black Business Portal Verified Vendors Platform and paying the application fee does not guarantee membership approval. All Black Business Portal memberships are juried.

All business will submit photographs representative of the service or product. Due to the high volume of applicants to Black Business Portal events, vendors must submit pictures of their work along with an application and non-refundable application fee. Submitted photographs and applications are reviewed by the Black Business Portal jury to ensure product or service legitimacy. BlackOBP sends an acceptance or rejection letter based on the decision of the jury. New vendors are provided a trial event prior to expanding into additional markets.

Smoking/Tobacco.  Smoking is prohibited inside or near local market areas. Open flames and/or coals are not allowed within range of any BlackOBP market.


Sales tax and permits. Members shall provided a valid Sales Tax Certificate or any applicable licenses and permits available for inspection at their business location and/or event booth. It is the member’s responsibility to comply with the State Comptroller’s requirements for any products sold at all Black Business Portal locations.

Insurance and indemnity. Members are solely responsible for damages resulting from the sale of any item or merchandise advertised or sold at all BlackOBP platforms or events. By applying to sell at Black Business Portal Events, members are expressly agreeing to this condition.

Legal Continued-

Member Documents. Each member is responsible for providing all applicable business verification documents and will comply with all applicable city, state, and federal laws and/or regulations regarding permits, certificates, tax ID, EIN and licenses. county or state seal must be present. Members are to provide a clear copy of any applicable permits or licenses not limited to Certificate of Formation (LLC), DBA (Doing Business As), Corporation, Food Handler Certificate, Certificate of Commercial Kitchen, Floral Permit, and/or Business License. Black Business Portal will also keep all applicable permits on file during membership and a term of 12 months following membership term.

Black Business Portal staff may visit a member’s business location, website, check references, etc. to make sure that they are in compliance with the member agreement.

The Black Business Portal shall reserve the right to revise the Black Business Portal Rules and Regulations at any time and shall give fair notice of such revision to members.

All Black Business Portal members are encouraged to participate in all surveys and questionnaires related to the Black Business Portal data collection and evaluation project, including emailed surveys following campaigns or events. Members are required to conduct their business and communications with Black Business Portal Staff, Customers, and any other Black Business Portal Representative professionally.  Unprofessional, impolite or other disagreeable behavior to any representative or customer is not tolerated. Any member displaying rude behavior, writing to deface another, ill-mannered, unprofessional, difficult to speak with, combative, or fails to follow any foregoing Rules and Regulations, the Black Business Portal may terminate its relationship with that Member at any time at the full discretion of the Black Business Portal or its Representative.

Member Default
Violation of any provision of the Terms & Conditions shall be a material breach. Black Business Portal Representatives shall reserve the right to cancel any Member’s participation at any time if the Member shall be found to be in violation of any rule or requirement.

Bounds by Provisions and Terms
All members of the Black Business Portal Verified Business Platform must agree to the terms of these rules and show their agreement by signing the application and submitting other required forms, wherever applicable.

Verified Businesses
All verified members will make your post in the verified group and then post in the other group of choice. All members will be given a special # that will help us verify their approval. This works for those who like to post directly to the group. This will help us know who’s verified. You must also follow the posting guidelines as well.

If your post is accidentally deleted during the approval process then please contact an admin for clarification. We are not responsible for things out of our control.