BlackOBP VIP Membership Application - Step 1

This application allows you to register for a membership to the BlackOBP. It also give you access to our website, events, advertising, our verified business group and more.
1 Application Instructions & Acknowledgement
2 Application
  • Please read the terms and conditions prior to submitting your application.

    Submittal of an application fee does not constitute an auto-approval. After completing the application and submitting your $20 application fee, please acknowledge the terms and conditions by entering your name at the bottom of this form. This serves as your electronic signature.

    As you are awaiting to hear back regarding your application, please gather the following: i.e. permits, licenses*, social media handles, references, photos of work**

    Once verified, you will be contacted to continue the process by submitting an annual membership fee of $100 or $10 monthly ($75 cancellation fee applies for monthly plans).

    You will receive a response within two weeks from your application submittal. Applying to the Black Business Portal Verified Business Platform does not guarantee vendor acceptance.

    Please note:

    Food vendors may require additional documents including but not limited to: a food handler certificate, commercial kitchen license, floral permit, or documents related to Cottage Food law. Vendors are responsible for knowing what their products require.

    Arts and Crafts, Product and/or Service applicants must also send photos or examples of your product, or a link to images online. Incomplete applications cannot be processed.